Enhance Your Profits
with Dual Pricing
from Iris & Choice

Dual pricing is a relatively new payment model that has created a powerful shift for business owners in the floral industry.

Rather than taking on the full cost of credit card processing yourself, dual pricing allows you to effectively pass on 90% of the processing fees to your customers in an ethical way that does not feel intrusive.

Simply offer one price for cash purchases, and another for card purchases with the processing costs built in.

Reward customers for paying with cash while saving up to 90% of your processing fees.

Iris has partnered with Choice, a premier leader in the payments space, to bring dual pricing to our customers and help them implement it in the fastest and most frictionless way possible.

Please click the button below to complete the application for dual pricing with Choice

Once finished, we will contact you to complete the signup process and get your business set up to save up to 90% of your processing fees with dual pricing.

Less fees, more profit. It's that simple. Get started today.

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