Flexible payment processing solutions to scale your business

Fully customized and branded integrated payment solutions designed to meet your specific business model

Accept payments from anywhere

Take control with our flexible and customizable solutions to accept payments from any channel, type, method, or device. Power up payments instantly for online, in-person, recurring, and more

Seamless onboarding

A fully customizable and branded experience with instant onboarding makes getting started quick and efficient. We handle all of the underwriting and KYC.

Real time data & analytics

Our merchant portal gives you access to real-time data to manage transactions, create custom reports, and reconcile payments. View outstanding invoices, upcoming recurring billing transactions, and more for improved forecasting.

Designed for Developers

Modern and easy-to-use RESTful APIs and SDKs

Our developer friendly solutions offer a hassle-free way to connect your software platforms to ours.

Flexible APIs provide an easy connectivity path to your SaaS platform. Integrate quickly with code samples.

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Risk and fraud tools

Our built-in fraud and risk tools work to significantly limit fraud losses and reduces risk exposure. Adding an extra layer of authentication like 3D Secure provides added “peace of mind” for your customers around payment safety and security.

Personalize communication and get closer to your customers

Harness data to better serve your customers. Our solutions offer personalized email and SMS messages to proactively address customer needs to boost engagement and response rates.

Card Present Solutions

Turn-key-in-person payment solutions with pre-certified EMV-ready devices.

Our ISVs facilitate smooth and speedy integration processes that will fully engage your POS system while keeping cardholder data secure.

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Frictionless merchant onboarding

Onboard, manage, and analyze your merchant portfolio with ease

Our simplified onboarding experience is powered by advanced technology covering real-time onboarding to provide bespoke ISV solutions that drive win-win outcomes for both you and your merchants.

We can also help you get closer to customers with options to create personalized, branded communications, as well as KYC and underwriting language services.

Finetune your business processes

No matter how big or small your merchants, our solutions will simplify their key business responsibilities.

Several of our ISV solutions for example, can be adopted across multiple states enabling various merchant divisions to charge different tax rates set by state regulators – these can also be tracked and updated to their APIs.

Furthermore, our solutions quickly analyze merchant portfolios to help better balance lower revenue margins from these groups. Our in-depth analysis also provides clearer, more market realistic merchant targets and anticipated results.

Hosted Payment Page

Simplifying Payments

High impact functions to help simplify online payments

We offer high impact functions to simplify online payments such as:

  • Hosted Payment Page enhances security, offers multiple payment, and reduces merchant liability (as they cannot access that information)
  • Payment Buttons guarantee faster transactions and efficiency gains – they also drive impulse purchases.
  • Debt Repayment addresses issues such as increased charges for late payments.
  • Virtual Terminal allows merchants to process payments at a lower rate and store customer information for future transactions.

New revenue channels

Optimizing payments opens up new revenue and opportunities

Our dedicated ISV team works with you to customize and optimize your payment solutions. We also offer a very generous profit sharing and incentive program. Gain a competitive edge by offering programs like convenience fee and service fee models, instant payouts, and more.

All-in-one partner portal

  • Manage your merchant portfolio, applications, and boarding status
  • Create branded custom application links with click to agree and e-Signature
  • Access all merchant data and partner residuals
  • Create and manage ticket support
  • Easily manage chargebacks

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As a leader in the industry, Choice has the experience and banking connections to get merchants approved quickly. Our leverage means that you can offer clients better equipment, better rates, and more billing options. We have a competitive compensation structure for all referral partners.