The average credit card processing fee in the US is 2.24%, equating to over $2,240 per $100,000 in revenue.

Funeral Homes that implement a dual pricing strategy can virtually eliminate this cost, often adding 5 figures in additional annual profit to their bottomline.

Source: Merchants Payment Coalition

Funeral homes & cemetaries

Make the simple Choice to eliminate your processing fees, increase profits and grow your business with Choice & Lending USA

Switching to a better payment provider is often the easiest & fastest way to improve the bottomline. 

Let us show you how today.

Dramatic Savings

Eliminate your processing fees in a compliant, frictionless way while rewarding your customers for paying by cash or check. 

Simply offer one price for cash or check purchases, and another for card purchases with the processing costs built-in.

Increased Profit for Your Business

Many Funeral Industry clients report $1,000s per month in total savings, which equates to pure profit in your account each month.

Fast, Seamless Integration

Choice will set you up with the best terminal for your needs, and provide the proper training to ensure complete compliance and a smooth transition into a dual pricing structure.

Switching to Choice from your current provider is simple via our eSignature applink & personalized install support.

A Trusted Payment Partner Committed to Your Success

Founded in 2008, Choice Merchant Solutions has helped thousands of businesses like yours save on processing and improve their bottomline & customer experience with the latest in payment technology. 

Our team of dedicated 24/7 support specialists make sure that you are always taken care of.

Integration with Lending USA

Funeral homes and cemeteries can now offer better payment options for families at their time of need. 

Lending USA's funeral home financing solution gives families flexible low monthly payment options, while funeral homes are paid directly within a few days.

Eliminate processing costs & increase profit with Choice Dual Pricing

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Once finished, we will contact you to complete the signup process and get your business set up to eliminate your processing costs with dual pricing.

Less fees, more profit. It's that simple. Get started today.


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