An Easier Way to Manage Your Business

Revitalize your business operations today with our online merchant portal solution.

Complete transaction tracking

Start making better business decisions by getting the full picture of your business transactions

Extensive dashboard reporting

Get a snapshot of activity using our dashboard rich with data visualizations

Integrates with our POS system

Our merchant portal seamlessly complements the Choice POS system, allowing you to better run your business, your way

Robust transaction reporting

Sort sales data and customize reports

Filter information by date, payment method, and employee.

Add more data to include tax, card holder name and custom information.

Instant sales data just a click away

Actionable insights that will help you manage your financials

Our systems deliver real-time accurate data, insights, and trends that enable you to make fast and informed business decisions.

Data can also be customized in user-friendly dashboard formats to share with relevant stakeholders including employees, suppliers, and other partners.

Interested in getting your own service?

Providing a seamless payment experience with little to no friction can make the difference between a customer visiting your shop once or becoming a regular.

Expand payment options with Pay by Text

Quickly send payment requests by email and/or SMS messaging

Customers receive a message with a link to a secure hosted payments page. Payments can be completed with credit or ACH and can include tips.

Customizable roles and permissions

Set access to the portal by for one or more locations

The portal allows business owners to create job-specific roles which can be assigned to each type of employee, giving them the ability to see and do only what their position allows.

Want more? You can set custom access for one or more people.

View Your Deposits LIVE

Monitor your income right from your Choice Portal

You will always have access to your data including your batch information, transaction history, and your deposits. Run reports, search, filter, and export. Your data is yours and we want to help you know your numbers with simple clean visuals to keep you update to date.

Ready for an upgrade?

Accepting payments has never been easier. Start exploring
your options or consult our experts today.