Innovative Merchant Processing Technology

Elegant and effortless processing services to save and secure customer data

Satisfy your unique payment processing needs

Utilize our quality merchant processing solutions tailor-made for your business.

  • Our merchant processing solutions are equipped to accommodate a vast array of businesses in all industries.
  • i.e. retail, restaurants, convenience stores, warehouses, and more.
  • Convenient tablet-based POS solutions
  • Cash discounts

A full suite of features with ongoing support

  • Fully featured comprehensive transactional options
  • Ability to integrate with other business tools
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily accessible
  • Completely customizable
  • High digital security
  • Experienced team
  • Valuable feedback
  • Professional advice

Save money & protect your customer data

With our seamless 3-step process

Our merchant processing solution is suitable for all merchant account types. Adopting our solution is simple and straightforward with our 3-step process below

Define your needs

Work with our experienced merchant services team to define your payment processing needs so we can help you meet them

Select your option

Select the payment processing option for your business through our comprehensive list of options. (Including online payments, mobile processing, chip card acceptance, and more

Secure your business

With our help and guidance, you will be on the way to securing your customer data and PCI compliance

Diverse & innovative payment solutions

Suitable for a variety of business environments

  • Being able to accept a multitude of payment methods is crucial in elevating your customer’s experience throughout the transaction process, but is also a necessity in business.
  • Whether you are running a traditional retail store or selling your food online, your customers will be wanting to use a variety of payment methods.
  • The merchant processing industry has grown significantly over the recent decades to accommodate this change.
  • At ChoiceMerchant, we offer high-quality services at a competitive price for businesses in every industry.

Small businesses payment processing

Optimize your small business’s transactional processes

  • Today, there are more types of payment methods available than ever before
  • We’re ready to help you adapt to changing customer demands by helping you offer more payment options at your store-front.
  • Elevate your customer experience with our bespoke payment processing solutions to help you quickly scale for success.

Midsize and enterprise payments

Simplify & reduce your business’s processing costs

  • Whether you run a midsize or a large size enterprise, we’ve got payment solutions to fully optimize your business’s processes, interchange rates, and software integration.
  • We can ensure safe and secure transactions for your business.
  • As well as set up automatic scheduling for payments and make instant payments and deposits with ease.

Nonprofit and association payments

Manage, track & fundraise smarter

  • Creating a merchant processing account for your nonprofit business will ensure you’re able to accept card transactions both online and at any in-store terminals.
  • Using traditional payment processes may result in high processing fees that can quickly become unsustainable.
  • Streamline your business’s process for transactional payments from vendors, donors, suppliers and more.
  • Nonprofits.
  • Member-Driven Associations.
  • Churches.
  • Government.

Find the best merchant solution for your business