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The one-stop mobile point of sale solution for your business

Pop-up stores

Make your POS system fit your business, market and customer base

Farmers markets

Download our mobile POS solution right from your App Store

Food trucks

Seamlessly integrate, streamline, and extract financial reporting data

Available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Giving your business the chance it deserves

  • For iPhone and Android SmartPhones
  • Take Payments on the go quick and easy
  • Syncs with your Choice Portal & Terminals
  • Cloud-Based POS


POS system

The easiest way to accept payments

  • Take Choice POS with you on your SmartPhone.
  • Customer management, inventory management,
    account management, banking integration
  • Low transaction fees
  • Native Apps available in the App Store and
    Google Play Store.

Free merchant portal and online ordering platform

The easiest way to accept payments

  • Simple set up
  • QuickBooks POS software and hardware compatible
  • Low transaction fees
  • Native app benefits

POS devices

Goes along with your SmartPhone

  • Works with Wifi or SIM Card
  • No Setup Needed or Bluetooth
  • Take Physical Cards: Swipe, Chip, and Dip
  • Native app benefits

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