Welcome to the Choice Family!
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We are excited that you made the decision to join the Choice family. Our goal is to provide you with a home that you can place merchants of all types (traditional/low risk, cash discount, specialty B2B merchants, and high risk).

Our foundation is based on innovative leading technology and boutique service, with support designed specifically for the ISO and Agent channels. Let us help you grow your portfolio and increase your monthly residuals.

In addition to this email you will get a system generated email with your login credentials to our CRM, Jarvis. I am available 24/7/365 and I will assist you with daily support, training and selling strategies so you can successfully grow a portfolio.

Online Agent Reporting and CRM (JARVIS) - You will find all Applications, supporting documents, and training tools (pdfs, manuals, etc.) in the Choice University within Jarvis, so you can start selling immediately.

This is also where you will have the ability to view Residuals, track merchant activity, and see information for each merchant in your portfolio. Attached at the bottom of this page are the shortened versions of the Merchant applications (full application packages, as well as terminal placement forms and equipment purchase agreements can be found in the University) with all of the signature fields highlighted.

Please read through the attached PDF piece on completing the Merchant Application. The clearer and easier to read applications are for Underwriting, the faster deals get approved!

Attached at the bottom of this page - Attached here are some of the basic Choice documents you will need to get started including an overview of our departments, the Choice Niche Industry Guide (which includes our Prohibited Industry List, the High Risk Merchant profile, Merchant Applications, the Checklist/Setup form, Equipment Pricing and the Merchant Application Directions. These can all also be found in the Jarvis University.

Merchant Online Reporting - Elevate is the system that merchants will use to reconcile online. We do not set merchants up automatically, so if you have a merchant that needs online reporting access, please email Support@choiceinc.biz to request access.

PCI Compliance - Merchants will receive an email from Choice within 1-2 weeks from their Choice approval with login instructions for validating their PCI Compliance. If the merchant does not validate their compliance within 90 days of the email, they will be billed the Non-Compliance Fee. Click here for more information on PCI Compliance. Please stay on top of this to avoid the merchant paying a non-compliance fee.

We are excited to be your partner and look forward to a happy, healthy and successful relationship with you and your team. Thank you again for choosing Choice as your partner for electronic payments.

Placement Forms

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Checklist & Setup Forms

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Choice Applications

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Welcome Sheet

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