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In the new era of technology that we live in today, there are innovators who aim to elevate their industries and improve the way that business is done.

Choice endeavors to be one of those innovators in the payments space, and create new solutions that drive growth & positive change for our clients.

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The Choice Overview

An All-In-One Omnichannel Payment Solution.

See the possibilities.

Choice Pay-By-Text

Be where the customer's attention is.

With the rise of contactless payment solutions, there is no greater way to reach your customers than through their mobile phone.

The Choice Pay-By-Text functionality makes it easier than ever before to collect contactless payments through a simple text link sent directly to the customer.

Send text, get paid. It's that simple.

The Choice 

Business Portal

A Full-Suite business management software, combining everything you need in one place.

Reporting, inventory, payments & more.

Simple, easy, secure.
All at the click of a mouse.

Hosted Payment Pages

Offer your customers secure and convenient online payment solutions today.

Whether customers are shopping on their desktop or mobile devices, we’ve got the online payment solution that covers all your bases.

Receive secure payments with our PCI-certified payment gateways that allow you to encrypt card information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, whether from debit or credit cards.

The Choice Virtual Terminal & Gateway

The most comprehensive online payment platform on the market today. Powerful & feature-rich, yet simple to use.

Easy integrations. Easy sales.

Invoicing. Recurring Billing. Hosted Payment Pages. 

All payment methods accepted. In-depth reporting. Inventory management. Financing options, and much more.

The Choice Virtual Terminal truly does it all.  Experience the difference today.

Experience. Expertise. Integrity.

A team with your interests at heart. A team that you can count on to help you reach the next level.

Since 2008, Choice has been serving both ISO's & merchants at the highest level.

We know what it takes to grow a company into an industry leader, and we've developed the systems and products to help you achieve the same.

Become a Choice partner today & grow with us. 

PayTerms by Choice

A flexible, integrated financing solution.

Real-time approvals up to $50,000.

Close more sales with the Buy Now Pay Later options that customers love. 

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Copyright © Choice 2022. All Rights Reserved

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