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Experts in enhancing customer experiences with flexible, secure, and tailor-made financial solutions.

Who We Are

We are a trusted growth partner

Choice was established to make doing business easy and seamless for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We believe in backing the dreamers, the doers and the creators that are shaping the face of tomorrow. And while you’re out chasing your dreams and crushing your goals, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by complicated processes and outdated technology.

That’s why at Choice, we create simple solutions that take the headache out of payment processing, allowing you to spend more time on what really matters. Don’t let your business run you. Run your business, your way.

Our Mission

“Provide our Agents and Independent Sales Partners a global payment platform that gives them the ability to offer merchants advanced payment technology paired with top notch customer service, so everyone can thrive and grow their business.

We aim to provide the best comprehensive, cutting edge, and integrated payment solutions in the industry.”

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency in all relationships with all stakeholders

Work Ethic to get the right things done, embracing optimism and reliability

Client Satisfaction achieved by serving them with an emphasis on quality and productivity

Partnership among members, who participate in the results that are generated

Reinvestment of results for the development of new technology and improvement of current systems

Choice Merchant Leadership


Chief Finance Officer

12 years of experience in multinational companies specializing in investment analysis, strategic planning, and business reporting. He is a collaborative leader.


Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for all the tech that runs Choice including Software & Development. He maintains daily operations & oversees our software security.


SVP of Sales

Leverages his extensive experience in payment processing to deliver world-class services, agent relationship programs and unmatched approval ratios to foster strong partnerships that drive growth for our clients.


SVP Business Development

Business advisor, mentor, & leader in the financial tech industry. With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses succeed & grow.


Director of Customer Service

With more than 25 years of experience in customer service. Rowda makes sure our 24/7 top rated support is beyond exceptional.


Director of Marketing & Product Management

Specializing at Choice in overseeing marketing, products, testing, and software deployment. She has more than 25 years of experience marketing, design and brand development.

Our history

From its inception in 2008, Choice has only grown to become one of the leading payment service providers, offering omni-channel solutions for a variety of businesses. Here’s our story.

January 2008

Launch of The Choice Brand

Choice is founded by CEO John Paul Golino as a full-service payment provider following a statewide sales campaign in Connecticut.

January 2010

Registration & Sponsorship

Choice registers with Visa and Mastercard and receives sponsorship from Merrick Bank and begins to launch their ISO program.

June 2010

Choice Expands Nationwide

Choice begins gaining thousands of customers and national recognition through developing their partnerships with Agents and ISOs. Opening offices in both Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

January 2011

Corporate Expansion

Choice expands it’s corporate offices into a 10,000 square foot facility in Hartford, CT.

January 2012

Unveiling Choice Funding

Choice forms a lending division. CEO John Paul Golino partners with seasoned industry veteran Daniel Sayad and forms “Choice Funding.”

June 2012

Establish Our eCommerce Division

Choice recognizes a growing market and offers programs to merchants in that field.

February 2015

Welcoming Choice International

Choice begins to expand into the global market to provide an international processing service that is next to none.

April 2016

Movin' On Up!

Choice moves it’s corporate offices to the heart of Connecticut’s capital.

March 2018

Establishing Choice Europe, Ltd.

Choice acquires Lithuanian electronic money institution – UAB Libera exosculatio, enabling merchants to accept payments locally on a global scale.

August 2018

Choice Named in the INC 5000

Choice is listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America! Now the #1 fastest growing processor in CT.

August 2019

Choice is Named to the INC 5000 2nd Time!

Choice is once again listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America! Still the #1 fastest growing processor in CT.

January 2020

Our In-House POS System Is Launched!

Choice introduces the Smart Terminal. The first of several terminals which are part of the POS system designed exclusively for our merchant partners.

August 2020

Choice Is Named to the INC 5000 3rd Time!

Choice is once again listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America! Still the #1 fastest growing processor in CT.

September 2020

Choice Expands Our In-House POS System!

Choice introduces the E600 terminal, growing the list of terminals which are part of the POS system.

Our Customer Stories

This is What We Do

Learn how we service companies in a variety of industries to build strong and positive relationships with customers around the globe.

With us, the choice is always yours. Don’t want to be overloaded with features and pay for things you’ll never use? We listen to you to build out a solution made just for you.

Need something that we don’t offer yet? We’ll work quickly to build out a solution that fits your needs.

Overwhelmed by the number of tools you need to run your business and tired of jumping between them? With the Choice custom dashboard, you’ll have an omnichannel solution with built-in integrations so you can manage your business easily all from one place.

Flexible Payments

Accept payments anywhere, any way

Easy & Convenient System

Manage your business all in one place

Tailor-made Solutions

Customize your features to fit your needs.

Omnichannel Solutions

Enjoy a seamless experience.


We Offer 24/7 Customer Support

At Choice, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to not only meet but surpass your expectations every time you need us.

We’re available around the clock and always honor your time to make sure we get you the answers you need when you need them.


Our testimonials serve as a platform to establish how our customers have benefited from our vast array of products and services.

I’ve been using Choice for a few years now. They offer a few different services and are very responsive when I call them. My rates are competitive with other companies, and they just offered a free terminal upgrade for the EMV chip, which is great. They know their stuff and I would highly recommend them.

Adam J.

I recently opened a CC processing account with Choice and now I’m able to accept all currencies and since doing this, my profit margin has increased drastically. I also took advantage of their in-house product fulfillment center, the software was easily integrated with my shopping cart, no hassle or headache! The whole process was such a seamless setup! Thanks, guys!

Jill I.

Noah’s Arc Foundation is happy to partner with Choice Fulfillment for our Rock Your Drop initiative. Choice helped us launch, manage inventory and fulfillment and create a positive customer experience. They have been
reliable, trusted partners and to bring

Shannon NOAH'S ARC restaurant

I own a local hardware store and wasn’t looking for a new processor however a rep came into my store and we talked a little about how to increase my ROI by switching to Choice. I was certainly open to this conversation. The proof was in the pudding. They were able to seamlessly get me out of my current contract and in the next quarter, I was able to save my business an average of 250 a month. Great people to work with, highly recommend!

Corey G.

I would like to express my gratitude to Choice and their hard-working and dedicated team. I am a satisfied customer for 5 years and they have been wonderful to work with since commencing. They offer a variety of merchant services and business funding options with competitive rates and pricing while delivering exceptional customer service. I look forward to continuing our working relationship for many years to come, and I highly recommend Choice!

Elias S

Choice is a great team and asset to my portfolio of business. They are very responsive to any issues that either I have or rises with my accounts. They truly take care of their clients while making sure we stay ahead of the competition. Thanks!

Ian F.

After working in the merchant service field for 15 years I have to say I am so grateful for this company. It is great to have the confidence when selling to know you have people that back you up. From having a responsive agent manager to the knowledgeable staff that I can always reach I know I can depend on everyone to make me look great!!! While a still have a portfolio with one of my other companies, I live in fear and anxiety they will not respond to my clients…..or even me. Wish I could move everything over to Choice! I have a variety of tools including POS, terminals, and mobile apps that can address any of the new technology my customers want. I receive an excellent percentage from my fact, 10% more than my other processing partner. I see a new portfolio blooming! Thank You Choice!!!

Peggy M

I’ve used several merchant processors and by far Choice has been the most transparent, and fair. Before using Choice, I had a separate company handling fraudulent charges and because of that, it took longer to fight, many times I would lose the case. They have their own department that handles charge-back mitigation which is a huge weight off my shoulders. They are very responsive if I reach out for anything. I love having peace of mind and feel confident knowing Choice is there for me when I need them. 5 stars!!!

Sylvester B.

5 Sars – Rowda V. from Choice has been awesome to work with. She is always available and responds quickly to inquiries. I love her professionalism and willingness to assist us with our clients and transactions. If you are looking for competitive merchant services and great customer service, I recommend Choice. Thank you for your help!

Veronica A

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