Vertical Focus

In response to increased demand for payment services in a variety of industries that have unique processing needs, Choice has expanded our ability to board these specific verticals.

While these industries have historically had difficulties getting access to merchant accounts, we have made several improvements to our processes that will directly benefit both our sales partners and their merchants in these verticals.

Choice has streamlined our in-house underwriting practices, added a white-glove onboarding process, and included rapid dispute resolution in the menu of services we can provide our merchants.

All of this is designed to make it faster and easier to board and manage accounts that require more attention than traditional verticals.

Read below to see which verticals Choice has created these programs for, and schedule a partner call with us to see how we can help your business grow in these highly lucrative industries.

Approved Industries

Smoke Shops

Smoke shops in the US are becoming a more and more common sight. They provide people with a selection of tobacco products, tobacco accessories, alternative tobacco products, occasionally CBD products and much more. Buyers are looking for fast and easy ways to make their purchases and managing payment solutions is a challenge smoke shops need to address.

E-book pay processing


eBooks are environmentally friendly, they can be shipped immediately, they are often cheaper than their paper-based counterparts, and they're an evolutionary technology that may be expanded upon in the future with additional features, such as embedded calculators and interactive tests. The market for these products has taken off, especially in educational and leisure markets.


Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that provide both nutrition and medicinal benefits. These are businesses that support retail and eCommerce sales of dietary supplements, diets, herbal products, genetically engineered foods. As consumers are becoming more health conscious, these businesses are growing fast and need more ways to accept payments.

Subscription payment processing

Continuity/Subscription Merchants

An obvious result of the pandemic experience has been the extensive growth of online member communities who offer peer-to-peer connections, access to experts, exclusive resources, and more. These organizations are looking to improve their payment solutions to provide members easy and secure ways to pay for the services their subscription provides.

Coaching payment processing


Life choices, healthy living advice and professional consulting are just a few of the services customers are seeking from the coaching industry. Experienced professionals charge a rate to offer their guidance and direction to steer their clients toward their goals. More people are taking time to focus on these needs and as a result, this industry has grown tremendously in recent years.

Tech support merchant processing

Tech Support

In the expanding digital age, people are seeing a huge expansion of apps and electronic services that are easily available. Unfortunately, even easy to use tech can have issues and consumers find themselves in need of help. This is why the tech support industry is seeing an incredible increase in demand. Businesses in this field are seeking convenient and flexible ways to get paid for their services.

Online Education Payments processing

Online Education

The pandemic experience in recent years has led to the extensive growth of online education opportunities, causing an incredible expansion of this industry in a very short period of time. Managing the payment solutions for these growing platforms is another challenge online education programs need to address.

Timeshare processing

TimeShare Relief

A timeshare is a lifetime commitment to paying for annual trips to the same resort or family of resorts. As more options are available through online marketplaces for lodging, vacation rentals, and tourism activities, the need to maintain a timeshare has dropped dramatically. For this reason, the demand for timeshare relief services is greater than ever before.

student loan business merchant accounts

Student Debt Relief

Student debt is the #1 financial concern and distraction of today's workforce. Professional advisors identify which programs will best suit each borrower, leverage new tax advantages & innovative tools and file the necessary forms to make the process as easy and successful as possible. More and more loan holders are taking advantage of these services, and companies providing them are seeing record growth.

Credit Repair payment processing merchant accounts

Credit Repair

Mortgage, auto and personal lenders have long relied on your three-digit credit scores to determine if consumers are creditworthy enough to qualify for a loan. Individuals with bad credit scores find it difficult to secure a loan or are forced to pay higher interest rates. Businesses that help these consumers repair and improve their credit scores are seeing an increased demand for their services as people struggle to recover in the post-COVID economy.

Auto Car dealership merchant processing

Car Dealerships

The need for transportation has once again seen a sharp rise in demand. Probably the most important trend in the automotive industry is the worldwide shift to electric vehicles (EVs). Car dealers are expanding their inventory to meet the varying demands of consumers and convert inventory to sales. Buyers are looking for fast and easy ways to make their purchases, and that includes paying for their new vehicle.

Merchant accounts for furniture stores


More companies than ever are selling furniture. Price, quality, selection and delivery services are the key features to consider when buying furniture. Consumers are selecting and buying furniture both in-store and through

online stores. With the expansion of the industry comes the need to expand the way sales are completed.

Telemed/Pharma Processing

Pharma & Tele-Med

Telemedicine allows patients to communicate with a healthcare provider using technology, as opposed to physically visiting a doctor’s office or hospital. With telemedicine, you can discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider in real time using video, online portals, and email.

Online Education Payments processing

Doc Prep

A document preparation service is a company who provides assistance in preparing or completing paperwork on behalf of a client. These are usually legal or financial documents which require the preparer to be knowledgeable and, in some cases, certified to handle sensitive information. While these individuals are not legal experts, their services provide a value to customers who are not experienced with the documents they need to file.

DocPrep merchant accounts


Changes in the job market and in the economy have led to millions of consumers with substantial debt. Collections businesses are implementing electronic debt collections systems that are equipped with flexible payment options. The results are growing their businesses at an incredible rate. By expanding their re-payment solutions, their clients can find debt resolutions that meet their needs. 

New Payment Tech Innovations by Choice

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